Divine Guidance - Be Yourself

Since few weeks I was feeling disconnected on and off. I really didn't know exactly why. I was busy in social events, my daughter's exams and projects, festivals and my newly joined Zumba class. Though I could manage everything well, there was feeling inside me to withdraw from world and be only with myself. To get totally lost in a fantasy, magical world of books and serene destinations across the world. Of course everyone wants to have a ME time and I too was just looking for it to settle in my own skin and just be. Obviously situations at that time were demanding my time and attention and I showed up with my full presence as much as possible. I guess I needed a perception shift than "Me" time. 
There was some weird energy lingering in me and I could feel it was trying to get my attention. I started praying to Mahadev for help. I took help of Angel cards and they guided me to just "Be Myself". In this whole mental kiosk I didn't know what exactly bei…

Meditation - Path for Inner Transformation


Living in the present moment - Part 1

How many of us live our life constantly thinking about things to be done, targets to be achieved, time to be spent with family members, commitments to be followed and keep hoping between guilt, shame and regret? Why we are not happy and content even though we multitask & stretch our limits? Have we ever wondered what’s the reason of all this & how do we break free to live a peaceful, meaningful life and yet accomplish everything?
The reason of all this is our ceaseless & over thinking.
Research shows that 80 to 90% of person’s thinking is only repetitive which mainly comprises of past experiences and future projections. We conveniently forget that past is already gone and future is yet to come.

How many times it happens that we are into any activity but mentally get caught up thinking about something else? This continuous thinking pattern has become habitual. We experience emotions in response to our thoughts and these emotions breeds the similar thoughts.
Most of the time …

How to figure out what you want?

I don't know what to do....I am confused.. I am not sure what I am passionate sucks.. I am not able to figure out what am I supposed to do in my life?....I am a failure... I am tired of my job, but I don't know what I would love to do & earn money as well?...others are so clear about it but I am not.... I have everything....high paying job, own house, loving relationships but still not happy and content with life....what is amiss... 
We all go through such hard self talk with ourselves. It's so easy to be critical of our capabilities over other people's achievements and perfect life. However do you know that everybody undergoes through the phase of confusion, non clarity, unawareness & unease before the sense of knowing & revealing comes over. So right now stop grinding yourself for not knowing what you need or want to know. In other words relax and trust the process of life. Chill my friends....We all are sailing in the same boat called life.

How I discovered my passion for Mandalas

There was a time in my life where I seemed to be lost, directionless, confused and purposeless. Yes this last adjective PURPOSELESS was silently killing me every now & then. Learnt different healing modalities in pursuit of direction, deep meaning & fulfillment in my life which I was yearning since long. Exploring these modalities & various self help books helped tremendously yet made me more curious to dig deep inside my soul to know what am I here to do.  I desperately wanted to fill the void by finding out something meaningful in life. Education, job, happy married life, lovely kids, financial name it & I had it all. But I was searching something fulfilling incessantly. I tried many things, few enjoyed for a while, few left in between & then what's next.....I was fed up with it. Sometimes you strongly feel you need to do & become something and thus you remain so inflexible to see what's right in front of you that can also be the path…

Shift your reality with Access Bars Session

Would you like things show up in your life with ease versus try to control everything to have certain outcome exactly the way you want? I prefer the first way. The mantra of Access Consciousness is " All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory". That's so true. 
I have learnt about Bars (Points on our head) in Access Consciousness class. The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.  I love doing Bars sessions . 
I had run my elder daughter's ( She is 8 years old)  bars when i had just learnt it so she knew about it. It had been a long time since I had run her bars again. One day I was preparing for a Bars session of my client & my elder one happened to see the bars chart lying on the bed. She asked me will you run my bars today.....and I instantly said yes to her like Mauke pe Chauka. As we all know mostly when we ask kids to do someth…

Be Willing to Receive.....

“Ask And You Shall Receive” is an Universal Law. But how many of us Ask what we would like to have. We refrain from asking mostly due to our past experiences of not always getting what we want & the way we want it to be. We never give second thought that are we open to receive what we would like to have in our life.
In my early childhood asking & receiving, both were major concerns which I never realized until I grew up. Whenever any uncle or aunt used to ask me what I would like to eat or have as a gift, my standard answer used to be “No...No...I don’t want anything...thank you”. It then became my habit to say no to everything & my receiving started getting blocked.  
After getting acquainted with Law of Attraction, Power of Subconscious Mind & other healing modalities, my approach changed towards life. My perspective about asking & receiving shifted tremendously after learning Access Consciousness in January 2017 & the Magic began unfolding into my life. I rea…